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2022-06-01Hongchang Technology's high-quality production of stainless steel pickling passivation solution is guaranteed!

Stainless steel pickling passivation solution is a combination of foreign technology, with inorganic……[More]

2022-06-01Points to note when using stainless steel pickling passivation solution from Hongchang Technology

Pickling and passivation of stainless steel should be mechanically cleaned and then degreased before……[More]

2022-06-01Stainless Steel Pickling Passivator Product Highlights

Remove the welding spots, rust spots, and yellow, blue, black welding spots and other contaminants o……[More]

2022-06-01Analysis of the future development trend of China's coatings industry

Today's paint market can no longer simply summarize the market supply and demand relationship w……[More]

2022-06-01Coupling agent storage and use safety

About coupling agent product quality, storage and use 1. Properly store in a low temperature and dar……[More]

2022-06-01What conditions are suitable for small electropolishing equipment to choose pulse power supply

The EDM pulse power source is the electric pulse generator. Stainless steel electropolishing equipme……[More]

2022-06-01Precautions for tetraisopropyl titanate (or butyl ester)

Tetraisopropyl titanate (or butyl) is a colorless or light yellow liquid. Tetraisopropyl titanate (o……[More]

2022-06-01The difference between the three stainless steel surface polishing methods

The advantage is that the leveling of the parts after processing is good, and the brightness is high……[More]

2022-06-01Methods of degreasing and cleaning metal surfaces

In the production of metal products, lubricants are lubricating media used to reduce the frictional ……[More]

2022-06-01Pickling and passivation process of stainless steel pipe surface

Principle and purpose of pickling passivation process on stainless steel pipe surface Pickling is a ……[More]

2022-06-01Talking about the four major accessories of stainless steel reactor

When it comes to stainless steel reactors, everyone must know something, but when it comes to the ac……[More]

2022-06-01Coupling agent is necessary for the future development of coatings, powders and modified plastics!

Coupling agents are a class of substances with two functional groups of different properties. Some o……[More]

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