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Analysis of the future development trend of China's coatings industry

Today's paint market can no longer simply summarize the market supply and demand relationship with buying and selling. The paint market pattern has already undergone profound changes. Now the survival of enterprises is increasingly difficult, and the era of "gold everywhere" is long gone. So, what should the real market strategy be? The general direction is the needs of consumers.

It is not an easy task to gain insight into this seemingly clear and incomprehensible "need" of samadhi. At present, most of the ethnic paint companies in the market are just "following the flow", and only a few ethnic companies have a certain right to speak in the market, and it is even more rare for higher-level product bargaining power. Of course, knowing one thing doesn't mean you can do it well!

From the perspective of the market, consumer demand has always existed, and it has been in dynamic development, constantly meeting the growing material and cultural needs of consumers. The more a company understands its needs, the more accurately it can grasp market orientation. The consumer psychology of each country, region and even city is different. The success of Nippon Paint and Dulux lies not in how good and sophisticated its products are, but in the maturity of its marketing strategy system , can deeply understand Chinese consumer culture, fit Chinese consumer psychology, and survive the fittest.

And some companies that try to change Chinese consumers' awareness of independent consumption are unlikely to gain a firm foothold in China. At present, more and more multinational paint companies put on 'Chinese masks' to create a good image of a corporate citizen. More and more multinational paint companies have moved their R&D headquarters and production bases to China, which shows that more and more multinational companies are aware of this. It has brought a reliable guarantee for its more profound grasp of the Chinese market and continuous operation. For the understanding of the market, in fact, national paint companies have many advantages to use. After all, we are in our own land, and no one should know this market better than us.

From the perspective of demand, actively catering to demand and guiding demand to be demanded are two strategies, which can be understood as two market entry points, homeopathic and momentum building. They are all shaped by personalized innovation to create characteristic consumer demand. To meet the real needs of consumers and generate associations with products and brands through unique styles, only brand associations can create brand differentiation for products in consumers' consciousness, and can achieve breakthrough development in market share and brand communication.

If catering to consumer demand is a marketing strategy that most national paint companies can operate, it is much more difficult to create demand. In view of the current market competition pattern, for "creating demand", not every company can adapt, or not every company can adapt. "Creating demand" is not a creation in thinking, but action, and this process of progress requires a lot of material and financial resources. Taking water-based wood lacquer as an example, everyone knows that water-based wood lacquer is good, and there are many companies "letting go", but after more than ten years of development, water-based wood lacquer is still in its infancy. Enterprises want to change the rules of the market with a strong business foundation, so as to cut into the market and create the market, this requires more than courage and courage. argument.

In any case, the future market is a demand market. Whether it is catering to demand or creating demand, the core is the customer. The marketing strategy of coating companies is not only to meet the demand, but also to constantly create new demands, to guide customers with new experiences with demand, and to constantly let Satisfied customers who are willing to keep buying your products or using your services are the ultimate goal.

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