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What conditions are suitable for small electropolishing equipment to choose pulse power supply

The EDM pulse power source is the electric pulse generator. Stainless steel electropolishing equipment can convert power frequency sinusoidal alternating current or direct current into pulse current with a certain frequency to provide the discharge energy developed by EDM. Its performance directly affects the process indicators such as acceleration T speed, precision, surface roughness, stability and tool electrode wear. In order to meet the process requirements, the EC impulse source should have the following conditions:

       Under the root shake AII: the objects are different, there must be a certain pulse to ensure the ability to discharge the workpiece material. Especially in rough addition, a higher processing speed is required.

       The tool electrode wear is lower, especially when the mold is processed. Electrode losses should be less than 1%, therefore, the pulse waveform should be unidirectional, without negative half-waves, and the field maximizes the use of polarity effects. The processing stability is better, and it can remain stable under the given pulse parameter conditions. Strong anti-interference ability.

       No solitary, no open circuit, pulse use string high. The main parameters such as current peak value, pulse width and pulse interval can be adjusted in a wide range to meet the requirements of rough, semi-finish and finishing. Pulse power lines should be as simple as possible. Reliable work, long life, low cost, simple operation, convenient maintenance, etc.

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