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Address:Qingfeng Road, Xingye Community, Xinjie Town, Tianchang City, Anhui Province

Anhui Hongchang Plastic Auxiliary Co., Ltd. is located on the bank of the Yangtze River, the "land of fish and rice", the Pearl of East Anhui----Tianchang City, Anhui Province, known as the East Gate of Anhui Province, surrounded by five counties and urban areas of Jiangsu Province on three sides, is the Yangtze River Delta It is an important production base for supporting processing industries in the economic zone. It is adjacent to Yangzhou City with beautiful scenery in the east, "the best place in Zhuxi and the famous capital of Huaizuo", and it is adjacent to Nanjing City, an ancient capital with the history and culture of the Six Dynasties, and Nanjing Jiangbei. According to the portal, the high-speed rail project of Ningtian Intercity will be officially opened to traffic before the Nanjing Youth Olympic Games in 2014. It is connected to Ninglian Expressway and National Highway 205 in the west, and the lobster capital—Xuyi in the north. The logistics can be distributed nationwide. All over the country, the transportation is convenient, which provides unique and advantageous conditions for the development of enterprises.

Since its establishment, our company has been humbly learning and communicating with its peers. Now it has a manufacturer integrating research, development, production and sales. Its three series of "Hongchang" brand environmental protection products have passed the IS09001/2000 quality management system and IS014001 environmental management system, and SDS testing. With high quality, the principle of ensuring a win-win situation for customers and the products with the best service are presented in front of customers and are well received by users.

1. Plastic additives series: widely used in plastics, rubber and plastic additives series: widely used in plastics, rubber, tires, profiles, PVC pipes, sheets, artificial leather, coatings, pigments, papermaking, oil fields, and magnetic powder material industries, its Tetrapropyl titanate can be used in polymer catalyst and titanium infiltration industry, tetrabutyl titanate is used in transesterification reaction, can improve heat resistance in coatings, improve the adhesion of coatings, rubber and plastics to metal surfaces , It can also be used as a condensation catalyst and a cross-linking agent.

2. Series of new packaging and printing materials: widely used in tobacco, pharmaceutical, and electronic industries, mainly used in pharmaceutical packaging, beverage and food packaging, tobacco and alcohol packaging, aluminum foil decorative materials, aluminum foil container coating, aluminum foil aviation lunch boxes, electronic products, etc. In the field, it provides a variety of complete sets of high-quality new materials for domestic aluminum foil and aluminized film industries, with excellent performance-price ratio, is a good partner for customers to develop new products, excellent and reliable quality and reasonable price, warm and thoughtful service It has been recognized by the majority of customers, creating new market space and new opportunities for partners! Our mission is: to make aluminum foil printing convenient and reliable; to make aluminum foil deep processing products rich and colorful, and to create value for partners!

3. Stainless steel passivation series: widely used in petroleum, chemical, marine pipelines, pharmaceuticals, papermaking, food, I-III pressure vessels, stainless steel screws, small furniture, digital electrical components, hardware parts, etc.

 Our company also set up Anhui Hongchang Instrument Co., Ltd., Hongchang Cleaning Technology Co., Ltd., Hongchang Toys and Clothing Co., Ltd., which has strengthened the new force of "Hongchang". We will focus on the research and development of new products and After-sales service lays a solid foundation for the future development of the group company. The prosperity of the company is inseparable from the trust and support of old and new friends. Survival, integrity and development", "truth-seeking, pragmatic, diligent, efficient" business philosophy, strictly control quality, control operating costs, so that the interests of customers can be better guaranteed, and strive to compete in the fierce market Neutral and invincible.

"Hongchang" people warmly welcome new and old friends to visit. Guide. Contact! We are willing to communicate extensively with friends in the industry and join hands in a better tomorrow!

"Hongchang" people will create brilliance with you! ! !

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