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Coupling agent storage and use safety

About coupling agent product quality, storage and use

        1. Properly store in a low temperature and dark place (a place below room temperature without direct sunlight) to avoid the invasion of moisture and other adverse components.

        2. If the silane coupling agent comes into contact with moisture, the moisture will undergo hydrolysis reaction and lead to deterioration, and at the same time, hydrochloric acid, methanol and other substances will be produced. Therefore, be very careful when storing it after opening, and close the bottle cap tightly after use to prevent the intrusion of moisture and moisture. The ideal method at this time is to flush nitrogen into the container.

        3. If you need high-purity products in the field of electronic materials, please ask our sales department.

        4. Before use, please carefully read the silane coupling agent product safety data (MSDS), which can be obtained from our company.

Safe use of coupling agents

        1. Please use it in a ventilated environment to avoid absorbing steam and the steam of the coupling agent hydrolysis product. In particular, the chlorine-containing coupling agent will produce hydrogen chloride gas once in contact with water, which will cause significant irritation to the skin and mucous membranes, so special attention should be paid to it.

        2. Please use protective equipment such as rubber gloves and safety glasses to prevent the solution from adhering to the skin surface. Once it adheres, please rinse it with running water immediately. In addition, when using a chlorine-based coupling agent, local ventilation is required, and if necessary, please wear an acid gas gas mask.

        3. If it is added to the eyes, please wash it with plenty of water immediately, and seek medical attention in time as needed.

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