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Titanate Coupling Agent
  • Product Name:Titanate coupling agent HC-NC
  • Add Time:2022-05-31 17:52:20
  • Tel:0550-7093728



This product is an organic titanium chelate compound, and the product contains about 20% free radical isopropanol.

1. Technical indicators

       Appearance: light yellow to brownish yellow transparent liquid

       Density: 1.040-1.080/cm3

       Refractive index: 1.46-1.50

       PH value: 7-9

2. Features:

        A yellow organic flammable liquid, hydrolyzed with water to split isopropanol and generate an active hydroxyl chelate. The chelate can be stable in water for several months. The chelate can be combined with polymers, carbonic acid OH or COOH binding in compounds such as cellulose, starch, guar, etc. Therefore strong gels can be formed in aqueous systems. TiO2 can be generated from HC-NC by heat treatment above 350℃.

3. Use and dosage:

        Used as a catalyst for the synthesis of esters and polyesters. Low toxicity, recyclable, beneficial. The recommended dosage is about 0.5%, and the specific dosage should be determined experimentally. In polymers or carbonic acid compounds, strong gels can be formed, and the gel formation time varies from less than 1 minute to over 1 hour depending on the type of polymer or carbonic acid compound. The recommended dosage is 0.5%-5%, and the specific dosage should be determined experimentally.

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