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Titanate Coupling Agent
  • Product Name:Titanate coupling agent HC-9-2
  • Add Time:2022-05-31 17:47:41
  • Tel:0550-7093728


1. Technical indicators:

     Appearance: light yellow liquid;

     Density: D20 about 1.06g/cm3;

     PH value: 8~10;

     Viscosity: η20 about 100 m/s;

     Refractive index: ND25 about 1.42;

     Water solubility: ≥ 10:1;

     Flash point: (open) ≥ 28℃

2. Overview:

     Alkylamine titanate can be used as both a coupling agent and a crosslinking agent.

3. Features:

     1. High temperature resistance, shear resistance and sand-carrying ability for gel formation;

     2. Excellent gel breaking, high reverse discharge rate, and reduce geological pollution;

     3. Good water solubility, easy to use, long storage period and stable performance.

4. Purpose:

      1. Viscosity reducing dispersant for epoxy resin-SIO2;

      2. Human skin sunscreen (anti-ultraviolet);

      3. Good thixotropic agent for cellulose latex paint;

      4. Drying agent for normal temperature drying water-soluble resin and alkyd resin;

5. Dosage:

     When used as a coupling agent, it is 0.5-2% of the amount of pigments and fillers, and if used as a cross-linking agent, it is 0.5-2‰ of the cross-linking liquid.

6. Usage:

     As a coating additive, it participates in grinding together with the pigment;

     As a fracturing fluid cross-linking agent, the PH value of the glue should be adjusted according to the characteristics of the thickener and the required exchange rate.

7. Notes:

     1. When used as a cross-linking agent, its cross-linking rate is related to the dosage, temperature and pH value.

     2. The product is valid for two years from the date of manufacture.

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