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Stainless steel passivation paste
  • Product Name:Polishing Paste (HC-301)
  • Add Time:2022-05-31 16:40:28
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Polishing wax ingredients and uses:

       A soap-like abrasive used for polishing metal, plastic handicrafts, resin, imitation porcelain melamine, wood lacquer and other products.

The light paste is wiped evenly along the rotating direction of the polishing wheel, and then the workpiece to be thrown is brought to make a parabolic motion with the polishing wheel.

Commonly used polishing processes are divided into:

     (1) Rough polishing is generally used with yellow polishing paste and cloth sticky grinding wheel. It is the first process of polishing. The purpose is to remove sand holes and burrs on the surface of the workpiece and play a certain lubricating role;

     (2) Medium polishing is generally used with purple polishing paste and hemp wheel, which is the second process of polishing. The purpose is to level the surface of the workpiece and remove the residual sand holes or sand marks on the surface of the workpiece.

     (3) Fine polishing Generally, green polishing paste or white polishing paste is used with pure cotton cloth wheel, which is the final process of polishing. After polishing, the workpiece has a mirror or high-gloss effect. The difference is that the former has cyan light and the latter has white light. If the requirements are not high, you can use white polishing paste, because its price is usually lower.

There are four commonly used:

     (1) White polishing paste. It is composed of stearic acid, fatty acid, alumina powder, monoglyceride, paraffin, lanolin, etc. The main component is alumina. Fine polishing for any material.

     (2) Yellow polishing paste. It is composed of hardened oil, vaseline, rosin, quartz powder, iron oxide yellow, etc. The main ingredient is feldspar. It is suitable for rough polishing of metal or non-metal.

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