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Titanate Coupling Agent
  • Product Name:Titanate coupling agent HC-131
  • Add Time:2022-05-31 17:56:12
  • Tel:0550-7093728


I. Overview:

      HC-131 is a monoalkoxy fatty acid titanate coupling agent. This product is a white or light yellow soap-like solid, soluble in isopropanol, toluene, xylene, mineral oil, and hydrolyzed in water.

2. Purpose:

     This product is a solid titanate coupling agent. When processing fillers, it has high reactivity, good dispersibility and good thermal stability. It solves the stickiness and yellowing of aluminate-treated fillers. It is an inorganic material with excellent properties. Surface treatment agent.

     1. For polyethylene film: This product is used for polyethylene film, processing starch, talc, calcium carbonate, good thermal stability, no foaming when blowing the film, easy to disperse the filler, good mechanical properties.

     2. Polyolefin materials: Active fillers filled with polyolefins such as PP, PVC, etc. can improve the mechanical properties of products, especially impact strength and elongation, and at the same time can reduce the melt viscosity of conforming materials, improve processing performance, reduce mechanical wear, and increase productivity. ; It can improve the thermal stability, surface finish and dimensional stability of the material; it can increase the filling amount, reduce the amount of resin and reduce the cost.

     3. Rubber products: This product can be used in various rubber products to improve the tear strength and elongation at break of the products. They are especially effective on systems such as calcium carbonate-polysulfide liquid rubber, carbon black-natural rubber, calcium hydroxide-fluororubber, silica/silica-silicone rubber, silica-oxyvulcanized polyethylene.

     4. Coating: This product is used in coatings, which can increase the solid filling amount, reduce the viscosity, and at the same time endow the coating with wear resistance and corrosion resistance, reduce the baking temperature and shorten the baking time.

     5. The magnetic powder of magnetic recording material and rubber-plastic magnet treated with this product can improve its dispersion on the substrate and the adhesion to the polymer, which can greatly increase the content of magnetic powder, so that the magnetic recording material has better fluidity and can be coated high shear strength, low magnetic defects and good toughness.

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