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Titanate Coupling Agent
  • Product Name:Titanate coupling agent HC-2
  • Add Time:2022-05-31 17:40:52
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1. Technical indicators:

       Appearance: Colorless to pale yellow clear liquid

       Density: (GB4472-84) D25 ≥1.00 g/cm3

       Viscosity: (GB265-83) η25130±15% mm2/s

       Flash point: (GB367-87) (opening)≥65℃

       Refractive index: ND25 about 1.44±0.005

       PH value: (test paper) about 2

       Decomposition temperature: >280℃

2. Overview:

       It is a phosphoric acid type monoalkoxy titanate, similar to KR-12 of Kenrich Company in the United States. It is a modified replacement product of phosphoric acid type in the domestic market, with light color, stability, low viscosity and better dispersibility. It is suitable for both plastics, coatings and rubbers. It is a surfactant for pigments and fillers, and has excellent dispersing effect.

3. Main ingredients:


4. Scope of application:

       Light and heavy calcium carbonate, clay, wollastonite, aluminum hydroxide and other fillers and titanium dioxide, iron red and other pigments.

       Polyolefin system (PP, PE, PVC, PS, etc.); natural rubber, synthetic rubber system, alkyd, acrylic system.

5. Features:

       1. It can increase the amount of filler in resin and rubber processing;

       2. Significant dispersion and anti-settling of coatings;

       3. The pigment is easy to grind and the color is bright;

       4. Can be used for light-colored and white products.

6. Purpose:

       It can increase the filling amount of inorganic substances in resin and rubber processing;

       Significant dispersion and anti-settling of coatings;

       The pigment is easy to grind and the color is bright;

       Can be used for light-colored and white products.

7. Dosage:

       It is 0.5-3.0% of the total amount of pigments or fillers, the recommended dosage is 1.0-1.50%, and the maximum usage amount should be determined experimentally.

Eight, usage:

plastics industry

       Put the filler or pigment to be treated in the high-speed mixer, slowly add the product diluted with 1:1 diluent under the condition of low-speed rotation of the mixer, and then start the high-speed stirring for about 5-15 minutes, Add resin and other auxiliaries according to the original process.

rubber industry

       Dilute it with 200# solvent oil or engine oil (the amount can be the original process solvent or lubricant), then spray the filler in the high-speed mixer, continue stirring for a few minutes (the time depends on the effect), discharge the material for use, pay attention to heat dissipation, so as to avoid the filler Deteriorated by heat.

Pigment and coating industry

       Dilute with 200# solvent oil or isopropyl alcohol 1:1, spray on the pigment before grinding, and proceed according to the original process after grinding.

Nine, matters needing attention:

       This product should not be in contact with water and is valid for two years (from the date of manufacture).

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