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Copper brightener
  • Product Name:copper brightener
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       This product is suitable for the polishing and brightening of copper products. It does not require mechanical treatment, and can be directly soaked. No smoke, no odor; normal temperature treatment, it is a very chemical polishing product; the polished copper workpiece has a mirror effect; it saves labor, equipment and cost, and can replace traditional mechanical polishing.


       1. Scope of application: clean and bright treatment of copper and copper alloys in the industrial field, mechanical processing and electrical and electronic industries;

       2. Suitable material: copper and its alloys;

       3. Suitable surface: clean surface without oil and oxide layer;

       4. Product features: simple industrial. No nitrogen dioxide escapes, the operation is convenient, and the use cost is low. Achieving specular brightness.


       1. Process flow: degreasing and film removal → rinsing → pickling and polishing → rinsing → anti-oxidation → pure water rinsing → drying

       2. Processing temperature: normal temperature

       3. Processing concentration: use the original solution

       4. Treatment method: dipping treatment

       5. Processing time: 1-5 minutes


       1. If there is oil stain on the surface of copper parts, the oil stain must be removed first;

       2. When soaking, shake the copper parts properly so that the copper parts can fully react with the brightener;

       3. Sufficient water washing must be maintained between each process. After the copper parts are washed, the accumulated water should be shaken off and then put into the tank for polishing to prevent excessive water from being brought into the polishing tank;

       4. The polishing liquid is weakly corrosive, so wear acid and alkali resistant gloves during operation.


      Packed in 25kg and 200kg plastic drums, stored in a cool place, and transported according to common chemicals.

Shelf life: 1 year.

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