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How to use stainless steel cleaner

Hongchang brand stainless steel cleaning agent is a general-purpose water agent, non-flammable, can be diluted with water, economical, safe, and can quickly remove oil stains, rust stains and other substances on the surface of stainless steel materials, stainless steel cleaning agent can be used to clean all austenite and martensitic stainless steel workpieces. It can not only easily remove oil, rust, dust and other dirt on the surface of stainless steel, but also restore the original color of stainless steel, make it bright as new, and prolong the service life of stainless steel. When cleaning, pay attention to avoid using tools such as steel brushes and wire balls, which will not only scratch the stainless steel surface, but also fail to meet the requirements of rust prevention.


The following is taught by Hongchang how to use stainless steel cleaning agent correctly:

      1. You can use soaking, brushing, circulating spray or scrubbing.

      2. Just soak at room temperature for 1-8 minutes.

      3. After cleaning, immediately rinse with plenty of water.

Precautions when using stainless steel cleaner:

      1. For mass production, please wear chemical resistant gloves as much as possible when operating.

     2. Remove the oil slick on the surface of the tank liquid in time to avoid secondary pollution;

     3 If accidentally splashed into the eyes, rinse with water or normal saline;


       Anhui Hongchang Chemical specializes in the production of various metal cleaning agents, such as: stainless steel cleaning agent, copper material cleaning agent, aluminum material cleaning agent, ultrasonic cleaning agent, etc. The products are mainly used in industry, machinery, metal, hardware, industrial parts, mechanical and electrical equipment. Classes, buildings and other fields of cleaning.

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